Dali, "The Face of War", 1940 steemCreated with Sketch.

in art •  5 months ago

This picture of the famous Spanish artist can cause a panic attack on the viewer. Salvador Dali plays not only with the symbols but also with the transfer of mood. The design of a head wrapped in snakes, all the diminishing skulls in the eye sockets of what once was a man, symbolizes an endless cycle of deaths. In the lower right corner, the artist "left" the imprint of his hand. And typical for the creativity of Dali desert and yellow tones give this picture a touch of paranoid madness.

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Hi. Not for nothing did Dali be called the father of subrrealism. Many of his works call for reflection and make you think apart that makes your senses manifest.


Hello! Great words, it really is. Many of his works allow viewers to "include brains" and reflect.