"Three future forms of life".2018.

in #art2 years ago

Digital sculptures created in Cinema4d+3dCoat+Zbrush.

Rendered with Octane Render.

Available in limited edition of nine pieces.

I hope you enjoy the sci-fi mood!

Here are some details where you can see the complexity of shapes,of the light and of course,of the materials.

Spicchio clonato .jpg

Spicchio clonato det1.jpg

Spicchio clonato det2.jpg

Spicchio clonato det3.jpg

Spicchio clonato det4.jpg

Spicchio clonato det5.jpg

Spicchio clonato det6.jpg

Spicchio clonato det7.jpg


Lovely forms. Neat designs, I wonder how you achieve them, I use 3d-coat too. Lighting feels nice with the contrast of warms and cools. I suppose the scratches on the surface are part of the materials you used, like bump maps or so.

Fantastic work! Seeing the interplay of light age darkness with the metallic materials coming together so well is terrific.