"Dialogue between artificial metamers in an attempt of a courtship".2019

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modulo da 3dcoat ripetuto ok.jpg

Attachment to life is present also in synthetic life forms.

Digital sculptures created in 3D Coat and rendered in Cinema 4d with Octane Render.

Limited edition of 9 certificated pieces.120 X 120 cm ( 47 X 47 in).

Here some close up details.

modulo da 3dcoat ripetuto ok det1.jpg

modulo da 3dcoat ripetuto ok det2.jpg

modulo da 3dcoat ripetuto ok det3.jpg

modulo da 3dcoat ripetuto ok det4.jpg

modulo da 3dcoat ripetuto ok det5.jpg


I hope you sell all these exclusive sculptures. The images you made to see the details are fabulous. Great job!! Greetings @francescomai

Good morning @marcybetancourt Thak you so much for you for this much hoped-for wish.
Comments like yours are really very encouraging and exciting and give you the energy to perform at your best.

Hello Hello!

Wooooooow !!!! How did you do that? I am very impressed with your talent :O

Greetings from Venezuela

Hello @iamsaray and thank you for your exciting comment!
How did I do my artwork?It is a secret...

No,to be honest with a lot of passion,technique and study...

Well, I'm very happy to see your work :)

Stay tuned...and you will see more and more more... :)

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Good morning and thank you so much dear @tytran

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Wait is this real ? or made in 3d?

For now "only"in 3d but with new technology in 3d print is possible to bring it into reality :)