Tangled Up In HEU - Or - Brother Where Ya Bound | 3DFractal Art

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Original 3DFractal Art

Tangled Up In HEU - Or - Brother Where Ya Bound | 3DFractal Art

Hello Friends,
Its been a while since showing my mug around here and thought it High Time to start sharing some of my art here again!

The image below is a creative effort which is a kind of a dedicated piece. This is dedicated to a couple of guys that are bringing light into the darker corners of DC.
Tangled Up In HEU - bwyb.png
"Tangled Up In HEU - Or - Brother Where Ya Bound?"
3DFractal Art - Best Viewed Full Screen!

Vlog is opening eyes!

George Webb and JK are making daily video and text postings which discuss the current happenings in the capitol of the USA. The information is Rich and Connects Dots that others don't.

Here's the post that inspired the above 3DFractal Art

Brother Where You Bound - Supertramp

When the stakes are this high, you simply need to listen to Facts.

Thanks for viewing!

Please take time to get a clearer picture of things.

Cheers, Back Soon!

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