Moving Into The Future - Fractal Art Wallpaper

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Original Fractal Art Wallpaper

Moving Into The Future - Fractal Art Wallpaper

Mandelbulb3D Fractal Art

Random frames from the next video in production
This video will be a long time in production, after already spending over a week on setting up the timing between keyframes, each frame is taking an average of 15 minutes each to render.
It may not sound too long for one image, but when you are looking at thousands of images, it adds up!
It will get done and I will post the video when you least expect it. Lol!

Thanks for the nudge to get posting again @marillaanne!

Thanks for viewing!

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Cool - well fractalized -
Back again , my friend :-)


Cheers mate!
Yes, at least hit and run for now.
Building up a Fractal Group over on Minds my friend.
I post there much more for now.
If you have time, please come and join us there, they are going to be paying in an Etherium based coin as soon as they get the bugs out.
Very good community and quite responsive to artists, they will love your art mate!

You have been featured on @artzone

Courtesy of @nmalove


@nmalove thanks very much for the feature! Much appreciated!