Fairground Attraction - Fractal Art Wallpaper 1080p

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Original Fractal Art Wallpaper

Fairground Attraction - Fractal Art Wallpaper 1080p
Downloading for "Personal Desktop or Mobile Devices Wallpaper" is encouraged, please do not claim ownership!

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Hello Friends,
This image is created using Free and Open Source software - Mandelbulb3D.
Available from FractalForums;
You can find tutorials for this software here;

Play, Play, Play

To begin using this software, download and unzip into a new folder and create a shortcut to the ".exe" on your desktop or toolbar at the bottom of your screen.
Start with the mindset of playing and having fun! It will help immensely to not get frustrated, if you get stuck, check out some tutorials either at the link above or you can find loads on YouTube

There are several example fractal files in the download file and you can do a quick search online for "Mandelbulb 3D formulas" or similar. You can see that a search will be directed to Deviant Art website, this is probably the best place to find formulas to experiment with.

*Please note
The artists who share these formulas are doing so to "Help You", please don't make a reproduction of these and just share the resulting images as if you created them.
They Are Examples To Learn From

Getting Original

So, if you are wanting a way to make Original Content to share with your friends and followers, then go get this Free software and Play!
Yes, you might get frustrated over and over, but that makes it even more worthwhile and fulfilling when you make something totally unique and cool that surprises you and amazes others!

Then afterwards, create something different from that using other apps or programs that are also free downloads.

Like to colour for relaxation?
Shape 11.png
Made with the Free Android app called "Adobe CC" which does some really cool stuff!

Thanks for viewing!

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You can also find more of my art on my website;
And at my profile on Minds.com;

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