JWildfire: basic fractal "Turbulence"

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Today in the program JWildfire We will do this kind of luminous funnel in the shape of a flower:


Fractal is simple, from three simple triangles and one final one.
To start, click the New from scratch button. A new triangle is added with the Add button.

1 Triangle

Weight 5,9440029
Plugin elliptic = 1,6342365


The coordinates are standard.

2 Triangle

Weight 1.6905952
Plugin poincare3D = 1,441231 add. the parameters r = 0; a = 0.2913995; b = 0
Plugin bubbleT3D = 3,5440575 add. parameters number_of_stripes = 0; ratio_of_stripes = 1; angle_of_hole = 0.3470958; exponent_z = 1; symmetry_z = 0; modus_blur = 0


The coordinates in the Affine tab:
X1 -0.0034213 X2 -1,20808
Y1 1,20808 Y2 -0,0034213
O1 0 O2 0


3 Triangle

Weight: 1.956501
Plugin rays = 0.75


The coordinates in the Affine tab:
X1 1 X2 0
Y1 0 Y2 1
O1 0.1232361 O2 0.0409677

The final triangle

Added by the button Add Final
Plugin phoenix_julia = 1 add. parameters power = -3; dist = 1; x_distort = -0.5; y_distort = 0,0951929


Coordinates leave the standard.

Now you need to open the Xaos tab and put the following values:
In 1 triangle


In 2 triangles:


In 3 triangles:


Next you will need to adjust the appearance of the fractal: select the color in the Gradient tab, set the brightness in the Coloring tab, adjust the scale and location of the image in the Camera tab, set the anti-aliasing parameters in the Anti tab -Aliasing. After that, save the parameters of the base fractal to the hard disk (Save button) and you can visualize it (Render button). Before rendering the image, do not forget to choose the resolution and quality.

In the next lesson, I will show my experiments with the arrangement of triangles in this base fractal.

Sorry for any mistakes in English, this is not my native language
Author: @vasilisapor2

You can find us in: Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GZmeKA5cSfYip429CpiMjA
E-mail: [email protected]
Also read us at Golos: https://golos.io/@fractal

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Best of luck

this is really pretty ❤😊❤ love these fractal. amazing work my friend.


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