JWildfire: application of the subflame_wf plugin

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Today I'll show you how to create delightful fractals in JWildfire using previously created successful variations.
I'm using version V3.30.

In JWildfire, you can use whole fractals as plugins. Such plugins are called subflame_wf.
To turn this plugin into the desired combination, you need to open the saved fractal parameters (the .flame file) in notepad, copy the text information from there and paste it into the plugin settings window:

Example of use

To begin with, we need a beautiful fractal, which we use to create a plug-in.
You can create it yourself, find parameters data on the Internet, or use one of the random fractals created by the program. For beginners, I would advise the latter. I, too, will use one of the random fractals saved earlier.

Here such:

The fractal parameters must be saved with the extension .flame (Save ... button).

Further, there are also several options: you can create a new fractal from scratch and make one of the plug-ins a saved fractal, you can open one of the random fractals and add the plug-in subflame_wf or create random fractals like SubFlame and replace the data in the already existing there plugin subfleme_wf.

1.Create a fractal from scratch New from scratch, add the first triangle Add and change the standard plugin to subflame_wf:

The picture that appeared is the standard parameters of this plugin, which are set by the developers of the program. I need to add my data. I open a saved flame in a notebook and copy all the text from there, I paste it in the settings window:

As you can see, the image form coincides with the fractal, taken as a basis. Only the color and scale are different.

I add one more plug-in and get a new image (at the same time I changed the color):

In this case, the fractal looks simple, there are only two triangles in it, they are more convenient to move and adjust the influence on each other than if there were 5-6 of them.

  1. The method of adding subflame_wf to a random fractal.
    I will add to this fractal:

I add the third triangle and select the subflame_wf plug-in in it, in the settings I add data from the saved flame. Since the triangles in the fractal have a decent weight, I increase the weight of the third triangle. Result:

  1. The third way is to replace the data in the fractal plug-in by a randomly generated program, a variety SubFlame.

We form:


Copy the text from the file with the saved parameters and paste it into the plugin subflame_wf settings, enjoy the result:

So you can very quickly create your own multifaceted and impressive fractals. And the most difficult thing is to stop and close the program.

Sorry for any mistakes in English, this is not my native language
Author: @vasilisapor2

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E-mail: fractalteam@mail.ru
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