Ipad Pro + Pencil + Procreate = Awesome Digital Art Set

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Being a self-taught art hobbyist, the ability to create art digitally has always be my next thing to accomplish. I know there is nothing in between me and the skills, but to master the art for painting digitally means that I have to go through the painful process of learning a specific software like the Photoshop or any other drawing apps.

I would happily to learn those skills if I were to living off those skills, but I'm not. Thus here I am, happily drawing on the paper with real pencil on my hand claiming that I'm a classic paper-and-pen artist.

Days ago, I've got the priviledge of owning partially(minorly as well) a latest Ipad Pro and the legendary Pencil. After a few sketches and I know this is it. This is the combination going to changed my perspective on the hard-to-learn digital art.

  • Ipad Pro = A device to draw upon of course, the Pro version is not necessary as all the Ipad version can pair with Apple Pencil now.
  • Pencil = Must have for a mind-blowing art creation experience. Extremely low latency and multiple levels of pressure detection does make the painting process a breeze.
  • Procreate = The King in Apple drawing apps list, quoting from a review from Reddit when I was wondering this famous app is really worth it, "Save some time and get the Procreate, because after trying some other drawing apps you always going to get Procreate." I would say it is true after a few hours of using the app.

Most importantly, the Procreate's learning curve is much easier than I expected and this is one of the bigger reasons I decided to pour some hours in to pick all the skills up. Secondly, drawing on a tablet directly with a stylus is very much alike with the traditional way of drawing. Overally, the process is pretty much the same except they are now in electronic devices.

Get this combo if you are in the same situation like me. I simply couldn't recommend it more enough.

一直以来在创造艺术上我都是自称是笔和纸的传统式作画方法的爱好者,主要是数码艺术需要较高的学习难度,而我一直也提不起兴趣来认真的学习。这一切在遇到 Ipad + Pencil + Procreate 后彻底改变。Ipad Pro 作为高性能绘画基地,Pencil 提供多层压力系统可以更精准的控制绘画力道不在话下。Procreate 更在这个组合扮演了灵魂队员的角色,简洁优美容易上手,实在是让绘画过程愉快十足。


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so ipad + pencil + procreate = how much $$ ?


Around SGD 1300

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我之前用的是 IPAD+PROCREATE 画不出你图片那么牛掰的效果。估计我功力还是不够啊




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