Artwork - Sushi [Part 1]

in #art6 years ago (edited)

Hi!!! Today i attempted to draw sushi! ^^ This is it:

Although i don't really like eating these sushi that i drew, i find them really cute!

Firstly, i started by sketching out the image. When sketching out the image, it can be just a rough sketch as u can always edit it by painting over it or just act as a guide on where to colour or paint it.

Next, i coloured the prawn/ebi sushi first!

This is how it looks like after all sushi have been coloured. This is not the end! I am using the Faber- Castell 24 art grip aquarelle. It is a watercolour pencil. The colours will dissolve once water is added to it.

And... Voila! This is how it looks like!

[edited using VSCO]

You can check out my post on editing an image with the VSCO app. Here is the link!

And also, my previous artwork - Food Van

Hope you enjoy my work and give it an upvote!! :)

I am still very new to steemit and would appreciate if u could give me some feedback and links on how to make a better post (eg. layout). :) Thanks!

So cute !!! sushi is the best !!

ill be happy if you would check my work of drawing ^ ^

this is incredibly cute!! I love it. <3

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