My road to steemfest 4: "The phoenix" pyrography + colored pencils+ crayons

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Warning:  yesterday in whaleshares I tried making this post with all 100 images. I was not able to do so because of " An image in this post did not save properly." error. As far as I know it is impossible to know which one was not saved properly. So just like in whaleshares I will be editing this post with smaller groups of images. So this post will only be completed later. Done.

 So far I don't know where or when steemfest 4 will be held. I don't even know if it will be happening. I don't even know if it will be happening at all. But I know that I want to be there. I have no idea how my financial situation will look in the future. Perhaps I will not have to use this. But just in case I made this piece as my entry for some of the possible contests.  steemitblog, pharesim, bitshares and steemfestdreams were giving tickets to steemfest 3 so maybe they will be giving tickets to steemfest 4 as well. I was lucky enough to win a ticket to Steemfest 3 from pharesim but I still didn't reach it because I was not able to cover travel and accommodation expenses on my own. So I declined my ticket and another person won it. I can't  promise that I will be in steemfest 4 even if I will once again win a ticket. But I can promise that this I will not be giving up on the ticket if I will win it.  

                                                divider  created by @kristyglas 

                                  Materials used in creation of the piece: 

  •  My photo used for body outline 
  •  sandpaper 
  •  tracing paper 
  •  duct tape  
  •   HB pencil 
  •  ruler 
  •  plywood(size 50x 50 cm) 
  •  pyrography tool 
  •  Polycolor colored pencils 
  •  crayons 
  •  wood varnish
  • trial version of a program photomirage 

                                                          divider  created by @kristyglas 

                                                             Creation process:

  • I used  sandpaper to make plywood more smooth  
  •  I made frames  with a ruler 
  • I used tracing paper and duct tape transfer body outline from my photo into the plywood
  • Adding details and ornaments with a pencil. 
  • Burning the image into plywood 
  • Repeating previous two steps a few times
  • Once I had entire image burned into the plywood I started adding colors with crayons and  colored pencils  
  • Finishing a piece by varnishing it with double layer of varnish. 
  • The end? Not quite... 


                                                                  divider  created by @kristyglas 

                                                                       Story addition 

                                                                        The Phoenix   

  I died that night in the frozen sky. Chained by doubts. Caged by fears. My flames went out. My mind. My body… My very essence turned to ashes. Afterwards my remains fell from the high clouds and landed in the bottom of the sea. So this the end of my journey?  These dark and icy waters will be my grave? NO. NOT YET. It is not the time or place. I can still travel further. I don't know how long I was gone. Did my slumber last only a brief moment?  Or was I dead for thousands of years? Doesn't matter.  

  Among my ashes still remained a spark. It reignited me once again. My will returned from the beyond.  My body and mind once again was my own. I was surrounded by flames. Heat rising ever higher. Water around me turning steamy. My doubts…my fears…my dreams… they shall become a fuel for my blaze. I want to fly again.   

 Another life. Another try. I am once again traveling. Trying to reach my destination. Where must I fly? How long will my journey last? I don’t know. Doesn't matter. Time and space will burn away if they will get in my way. Guided by instinct I fly forward.  Towards my dream, Towards my purpose. Towards my future... My vish that I shall will  it  into existence. 



                                                            divider  created by @kristyglas 

                                                                 One more thing.... 

                                                     Stable version of the Phoenix: 

                                                  Moving version of the Phoenix: 


 Copyright (c) 2019 Simonas Tuinyla, Corel Corporation and its licensors. All rights reserved. 

                                             Thank you for your patience.  Simonas 


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