Let Me Introduce Myself... won't you guess my name -Whoo Whoo!

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Like the Rolling Stones song? Music reference? No? Ok, Let me start over then...

Greetings fellow Earthlings!

It's my first day at school here at Steemit, can I sit at your table? I'm psyched to see, hear and taste what we all bring to the table. A smorgasbord of culture, experiences and art to be shared. I, like many of you, am multi faceted which I understand can be tricky on a blog. A main focus is ideal, I know, but I can't pick just one passion to highlight. So it will be my goal to share a chewy morsel from my extensive menu below on a regular basis and you'll just have to stop by as often as you can to see what the soup du jour is.

Original Art.
Pet portraits, exotic and domestic animals on recycled glass frames. I will paint anything on glass. Churches, beloved pets, motorcycles and lighthouses are the big sellers. I also love creating sculpture, oil on canvas and watercolors.

I'm a writer. There, I finally said it.

The Innocents. Animal Rapture An original dystopian novel.

A fierce sound wave blasts over the surface of the earth taking with it every living thing- except for mankind. The disappearance of the animal population, from domestic and wild, to insects and beloved pets, will test the morality of the human beings left behind. This is especially true for Linda, a docile vegan high school teacher who is just now finding her voice with her head strong mother and her wayward high school students. The cataclysmic ‘animal rapture’, as it has been coined, will force her to evolve in ways she never could have imagined. While the world is still filled with barking dogs and roaming cats, Linda moves back home to care for her arthritic mother Jackie. Linda’s life is orchestrated by caring for others; her students, her mother, her needy neighbor, and her gaggle of assorted pets. Deacon, an unruly senior needs extra wrangling and takes advantage of her insecurities. If only she could find her inner bitch, then she could meet his defiance eye to eye and cope with the daily assaults the world throws at her. Dead animals at the side of the road, her mothers’ chronic pain, the recent death of her father and the suffering of the innocent’s across the globe, bruise her heart on a daily basis.
At her mother’s encouragement she reconnects with Ellis, an old family friend and is surprised to find
strength, sensitivity, and romance in his presence. He is a bright spot in her life- and then the animal rapture occurs. Ellis has the foresight to see that the food chain is broken and civilization will collapse. Together they form a plan to bunker down in the high school. Her father Mic, now deceased, has passed along his expertise as a sharpshooter to his daughter and it is this training that fortifies her to move forward after the disintegration of society comes too close to home. She steels herself in order to stick with the plan to hide out at the school with her mother. Complicating their escape, Deacon and his four-year old sister, Carrie arrive at Linda’s door after they have been abandoned by their mother. Linda has her first, but not the last, crisis of conscience. Why would she welcome in more responsibility, but then how could she turn these innocents away? Her compassion wins out and she welcomes them into her home. In return, Deacon drops his rebellious attitude and enlists his support and ultimately his heart to her. Joshua, a freshman who seeks out friendly survivors after his parents have succumbed to the violence of marauders, shows up later at the school hide out, increasing Linda’s burden to protect and provide. The absence of the animal population is ever at the forefront of their existence. No birds are in the sky, the cow field behind her sits empty, and no gnats swarm her face as she focuses through the cross hairs of her rifle. Linda steps into the task of guarding the school and the bar across the street where they have set a trap in order to collect supplies. Taking out who she deems as bad guys is a ruthless job but her heart has grown numb to it. It’s a matter of survival and the lines are closing in as people still hungry for meat come more frequently to their ‘trading post’. Something has to give; they can’t escape into the unknown with a disabled woman, a four year old child and a tender boy and they can’t wait out a siege only to watch each other starve to death. The impossible choice is to take part in this dystopian reality and become a carnivore or choose a legacy of compassion, decency and sacrifice. Together, Linda and Deacon arrive at a conclusion; they will have to be merciless in order to be merciful.

To be published in increments monthly starting 3/2018.

Counseling: Licensed in trauma, grief and PTSD. Prison Chaplain, Christian counselor. Open to all faiths and identities. I'm always on the look out for new techniques in combatting anxiety and coping with trauma.

*Married 35 years with two adult, married children. Grandma and dog lover! Retired library page, florist and stable hand.

Poet. This will be a challenge to hit "publish" when I get the nerve to send some of my poems out into the ether. Yikes.

*Seeker in philosophy, spiritual, Kabalah, follower of Jesus. You Tube Ravi Zacharius,

**@SPGB, #Women'sMarch #BlueWave2018

*Conspiracy theorist. (Not Info Wars...That's some crazy sh!t). "Don't Believe Everything You Think." Virtually everything I once thought was nuts has now come true.

*Medium member (E.C.); Instagram, Etsy Store (InStepHens); Twitter (@Fiddlestix7) following @LeeCampRedacted, @caitoz, @ForeverJung13, @johnpavlovitz (the CrazyPastor), @theintercept, among others.

Favorite memes...these are hysterical. The Nitty Gritty

Fox licks glass, you'll see... https:youtu.be/KHnr2iAJDJ0. Guaranteed lol.

Favorite Authors: Chris Hedges, old school Stephen King, B. Kingsolver, anything dystopian and of course, J.K. Rowling.

I work hard to keep an open mind, purposefully following people I disagree with and that will stretch my boundaries. Gotta keep that echo chamber door open. My goal will to be read all comments and suggestions. Anyone can sit at my lunch table, band nerds, mean girls, and even that weird kid that picks his nose. Let us all walk the halls together in this school called 'Life'.

I look forward to meeting you. Sincerely, Granny Liz


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