Warhammer: Sylvaneth

in #art6 years ago

Here's a work in progress of Alarielle the Everqueen. I'm going for a more autumn color palette with this model.


It's definitely not finished yet and I have a lot of the black primer to lighten up in a fall motif before I call it complete. What do you all think so far?


Love it, I used to love playing warhammer in my teens, may have to get back into it. Will follow you for sure and keep updated on your posts! would be amazing if you could do the same :)

It's not finished yet? Wow, it already looks perfect to me! :D
Great job dude!

Fantastic, you have captured the model perfectly.... and its not done yet... wow....just wow ....

Following for more update!

Dude - that is so far beyond my abilities, but I can't help but love it. Do you also play or mostly collect and design them?

Hey mate I really love you work! I've also recently started posting my paint-jobs as well, although they are not nearly as good as yours!

I've followed you for further updates, keep it up :)

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