Unboxing Hulk vs. Wolverine

in #art7 years ago

I decided I wanted a marvel heroes statue so I picked up a statue of a fight between Hulk and Wolverine. It arrived today and I thought I'd share the unboxing. First thing I was unprepared for was the size. This thing is MASSIVE!

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Shot of the outer box. That's what the thing looks like all together.

Hulk, in pieces.

Logan aka. Wolverine. He came in pieces as well.

Here's the base that Hulk will be standing on.

The man in green! His head is also a separate piece. The detail on this thing is crazy good!

Then we add a little x-men magic.

Here's Wolverine with his arms and head. Statue complete! BTW, those claws are actually metal.

Finally, a shot of Logan's snarling face.

Hope you all liked the pics.. like I said, this thing is massive!!!

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