Painting Warhammer 40k

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Just a quick update. I started painting up some of the 40k Eldar I've had for years and years. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. Plus it's given me a chance to try out my new airbrush!


Let me know what you think!


is that al Eldar transport? you know waht swould be sweet? some male/female Eldar warriors!! :D i love the cannon and the cockpits tho

it's a fire prism. I mostly just paint rather than play but I think per the game rules it can carry 5 guys.

Looks like a tank actually... I have never played (or actually been in contact with) the tabletop game, but I have had a few contacts with the 40K and Warhammer franchises, and I love them...

The Eldar

are by far my favorite in 40K, and in WH the

High Elves of Ulthuan

Also the Wood Elves a bit, but I kind of hate Dark Elves... LOL speaking of which, I just watched the movie Thor, The Dark World, with that guy Makakith, a Dark Elf, trying to destroy everything...

Looks Awesome! The Eldar starter? I got myself the Deathwatch and the Seraphon and the Trollbloods... I got my colors, starting soon. I am very intrigued about air brushing... how do i get into brushing?

I read a ton of blogs about air brushing and I settled on a Grex all in one kit. It's actually not too hard once you practice a bit. As you can see under the Fire Prism, there's the stencil I used for the pattern. it's just done by pulling the brush a bit away from the model and spraying at a medium pressure.

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