Warhammer 40k: Eldar

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Another Farseer down. I just paint these guys for the hell of it now. You can't have too many if you play and I just love the sculpts and the poses. It's a good thing I just paint and don't actually play the game any more because this army would not match at all! Too tough to choose a color scheme some days.


Much like other painters I use reference material of the images/models that I paint. In my haste to get this post up, I used a reference rather than than my own. I made a mistake and have removed the image that was not mine to use. I should have been more careful and paid more attention but what is done is done. In the future I vow to be more attentive and will give credit where credit is due. I apologize, Steemians for the poor judgement.


"Another farseer down"...... This is plagiarised content.

This particular model and paint job was a Golden Demon Slayer Sword Winner in 2016, the artist is David Soper.

Source: https://golden-demon.com/2017/05/03/single-miniature-slayer-sword-winner-gold-warhammer-40000-open-day-2016/

I really like the electric blue color, keep up the good work!!

I Can't watch stuff like this, before it ended buying couple sets of miniatures and painting 3 of them black, all was fine until i tryed to put other colors, ended with an orc from sesame street :P
Conclusion.. very nice job ;)

He is awesome and I love the aquas you worked into the base. I don't know anything about this game - but I am familiar with painting these figurines as a co-worker of mine is really into it. You killed it!

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