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Furniture or furniture is a home supply that includes all items such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. Furniture comes from the word movable, which means it can move. In ancient times desk chairs and cabinets are relatively easy to move from large stones, walls, and roofs. While the word furniture comes from the French fourniture (1520-30 AD). Fourniture has the origin of fournir word which means furnish or home or room furniture. Although furniture and furniture have a different meaning, but the same designated table, chairs, cabinets, and so on.

In other words, furniture or furniture are all things that are in the home and used by the inhabitants to sit, lie down, or store small objects such as clothing or cups. Furniture made of wood, board, leather, screws, etc.

Furniture will feel its function if not at home. We'll have to sit on our backsides, sleep on the floor and freeze, open our laptops on the floor. Clothes lying on the floor. Rapid legs tingling, sleep and work are also uncomfortable, cluttered items. Feel the benefits of furniture or furniture: make our home comfortable to rest, work, and help our homes become more tidy.

That is why furniture or furniture is very old and still survive until now. The oldest furniture found to date is furniture on the site in Oarkney, a neolithic relic of the year 3100-2500 BC (Before Christ).

Furniture is not only useful for the comfort and tidiness of the house but also carrying social meanings that affirm social status. There is a seat that serves as a place to sit, but there are seats that assert power. It is therefore known as the king's chair, the director's chair, the throne. In Bahasa Indonesia also known the term "fighting over the seat" which means "fight over power". Because the seat also has the meaning of power, then the seat of power is different from the seats only as a seat. The King's chair is full of intricate carvings. And in the palace, the king's best and greatest chair. The king's subordinate chairs, should be simpler and smaller, although financially capable of providing better seats.

What is the meaning of furniture today, where there is rarely a king's status. Seats can be used as a means of conveying one's economic status. Someone does not look rich until he shows it in the form of luxury furniture. Usually the luxury furniture is classic furniture. Minimalist furniture can also be luxurious if the material is expensive, such as teak wood large diameter and large. Without speaking verbally, the chair already speaks that the owner of this furniture is a rich man.

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