3D chocolate bar make up palette

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Sunday I started printing this 3D chocolate bar personalised make up palette. I am very happy with the result because every thing fits! The mirror, magnets, empty metal pans and the hinges.

3D printing

On Sunday I printed the lower part of the make up palette where the empty metal pans will be inserted.


Printing time: 3 hours 43 minutes
Amount of filament used: 12.07 meter
Weight: 36 gram

I did not have any patience and inserted already one empty metal pan and a magnet. You see the metal pan is a bit forced, so I actually gave it too little space, at the moment I was designing this. The magnet fit in very good without any problem and no force.


Yesterday I printed the upper part where the mirror will be placed.


Printing time: 4 hours 35 minutes
Amount of filament used: 14.50 meter
Weight: 43 gram

The upper part needed some support material, but it was luckily very easy to remove afterwards.



Total printing time: 8 hours 18 minutes
Total amount of filament used: 26.54 meters
Total weight: 79 meters

So I bought a pocket mirror and removed the mirror using a hot hair straightener and aluminium foil.



The mirror fits but I made the square hole a little too big. I think I should make it 1 mm smaller.


Later on I removed all empty metal pans from the previous make up palettes and glued it with a glue stick inside the new palette.


For the hinges I took two metal pins that I usually use for making earrings or bracelets and inserted it on both sides. It was a bit difficult because I could not see the holes that are located somewhere in the middle. I managed it however to insert both pins inside. I cut off the metal pins that were sticking out. Then I glued the ends with a bit of super glue to make sure they will not fall out.



I cleaned the empty metal pans with rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud. Then I mixed for every empty metal pan, blush powder, eyebrow powder and two shades of eye shadow with rubbing alcohol, and inserted them in every container. After an hour it dried a little bit and I removed the excess alcohol with a tissue and a lego brick I borrowed from my son.


In general I am very happy that everything fits inside. I have now my favourite blush powder, eyebrow powder, two different colours of eye shadow and three brushes all in one. The only two things I think could be better, are the mirror and one hole of the empty metal pans.


It really looks like chocolate if you wouldn't know it is PLA!



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That would be fabulous 3D product. Nicely used 3D technology. Creative work always by you.

Very creative product you giving @fathin-shihab. Awesome chocolate palette. Thanks for sharing.
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l like chocolate


I don't like chocolate, I love chocolate!

Such a remarkable design with nice description.

Such a cool project! It really does look like a chocolate bar... someone might get a not so tasty surprise. haha
I've seen hacks on pressing broken eyeshadow/blush before, and was curious how well it'd work. How long did it take to set/dry? I bet that would be a good way to customize and mix your own shades too!


Thank you! :-). Hahaha, i was thinking: what if my youngest son, who loves chocolate would see this, not knowing it's 3d printed and take a bite! The eyeshadow/blush will dry a few hours after you removed the excess alcohol. But I always wait 1 day to make sure. It also should dry in open air. I always mix my own blushes and lipstick. Im never satisfied with the actual color.

Nice work !
If you put the hinge on the chocolate part (2 small hinges), you can avoid supports on the chocolate side and put them on the mirror side that will be hidden.


Thanks! Yeah, I did it in the past but it didnt print out good enough. I did it with the steemit grey (sun) glasses, but it failed because the hinges were very small. I know it is better than metal pins, but this is another alternative if printing out the hinges doesnt work well. :-)

Impressive truly amazing work this is :D


Hehe i think i would eat that bar :D
Even if is of plastic is so realistic!!


I think you can make an appointment with the dentist then :-D

Great idea, I love chocolate!


I cannot imagine someone who doesn't love chocolate :-)

Nicceeeee Yummy make up box ;)