Anorexic Zombie (Poem)

in #art4 years ago

Anorexic Zombie
My soul has leaked through my skin,
Reasons to live; I cannot defend.
Pulsating stomach, my mind in crisis,
Trapped like a rat, inside me it slices.
I am the undead, the ghost, the mummy,
Welcome to the world of the anorexic zombie.
10,000 knives, they dice my heart,
Dreams of love are ripped apart.
Digging and burrowing deep inside,
The search is on, nowhere to hide.
Dreams of battles on mountain peaks,
The soldier is dead, the widow weeps.
The game of life is all but over,
Pinches of cold bring feelings sober.
Welcome back to the throne of disgrace,
So sad and empty; the kingdom of my race.
Kill me now, I see not why,
My body will fall, my soul will fly.
Glide on through, this world of light,
Someday I return; when the time is right.
Above and below, I pass on calmly,
And exist in this world as an Anorexic Zombie.
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