Hallway shelf restoration.

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Hi everyone,

I feel like life is just passing by and I haven’t posted anything in a very long time. We just signed mortgage papers today and I feel that it is a big step towards our goal. We are getting closer to living in our new place which makes us very exited but before that happens we are going on family holidays!!! It seems to occupy our minds at this stage and that brings me to my next question… I was wondering if anyone has any advice about going to Paris with little kids? Is there anything we should remember to take / visit? I would appreciate any tips that you have!

My family back in Poland is over the moon that we are going to visit them, and I started to collect some little gifts to bring with us. While I was out shopping today I noticed all those plaque / signs about family that seem to be in every shop now.


We buy them because we either like the quotes or they match our décor, but it got me thinking if they are the true picture of our families… am I so caught up in appearances that it is more important to hang something that sounds good and creates a picture of a perfect house then something true to what we are? I guess it depends on what it is… some of them inspire me and even they are not true every day, they might bring a sense of joy and motivation. I like things to be personal, meaning something to everyone and this plaque that I found recently in the op shop describes our family perfectly, as everyone plays the part. It is not important if its big all small but we all need to chip in to create a home.

Today I wanted to share my recent project, I don’t have to many photos of the process but thought I share some of the result. I can wait to see how it will look in our new place. I used chalked paint on the legs and clear stain on the top. Drawer is made with chalked paint and PVC glue and napkin. Let me know it you like the result.








Nice. I like your restoration projects.

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