Face Painting take ONE

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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week. We are still in the limbo with our mortgage, waiting for the valuation on the land that we bought, unbelievable how it’s all so time consuming. In the meantime, I decided to have some fun with Emily and try face painting 😊 She choose pink and purple butterfly.

I know that I get so wrapped up in my daily straggles, that I forget what impact it may have on my little ones. I try not to get them involved, doing everything that is humanly possible to shelter them from grownups problems, but truth is, that they are sensitive and can feel your emotions without you saying anything. Hopefully we are almost at the end of the process.

I decided that we needed some creative fun! We never tried face painting before, well Emily had it done on few occasions by professionals, but we never attempt it on our own.


I accepted the challenge 😊.

I love trying new things and had no idea what to expect, it was a very good time for us to share together! We searched for some cool designs, but I thought that I will need to stick with something simple as it was my first go. It is not perfect by any means and I know I won’t get a job as a face painter any time soon 😉.






I will probably be able to do some painting for Emily when she attends dress up parties or when we feel like having some fun together.

Look at this smiling face, that is the best reward you can get!




What activities do you share with your kids that bring you joy? How easily we skip that important part and forget to share fun times together as a family?

P.S I also painted a flower on Tomeks face… but he wasn’t amused and did not sign release paper for the photo to be published.


So cute! To get that smile is worth anything!!
You did a great job too @family.life😀
Im afraid of what their faces would look like if I tried something like that! Lol😄

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