Well thank you for your comment. The subject is more the painting and the photography is the mean. It makes me wonder if you even look the post or if you are just trying to raise your reputation score by spamming meaningless comments?

None of the two things that you said, only seemed a good picture for that only mentioned that, I do not know the subject so that's why I said nothing more about it. I apologize if my comment bothered you

Ok, I'm glad you answeared to it! I'm a paintor, so my work is about painting. It's just that when someone is saying "great post" "excellent work" or just those kind of things, it sounds like spamming comment.
You should try to enhance your comments :)

As we say in my country "who does not owe, does not fear it", I find it excellent, fascinating maybe the reason I did not make another comment is my lack of knowledge towards the topic and not making a comment "empty of words" so I try to learn a little with each comment I make about topics that I do not know, so again I apologize and try to enhace my comments as you recommended

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