Artist of the Day - Week 8, Day 5 ~ @tomschlaiss

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Hallo Steemians! Apologies for skipping a day. This is our fifth day of the eighth week since we reloaded this awesome project. Are you ready to meet a new artist?

We are still small and young but we intend on expanding as we give this community artists a platform to shine in every supportive post we put out.

What would life be without art? A dull, meaningless existence.

What would art be without life? An empty, white canvas.

This blog is here to bring you all these beautiful, imaginative creatures that use their skills to express themselves through their work.


Our Artist of the Day:


Dear Steemians, meet Tom Schlaiss from Ulm, Germany. He is a 23-year-old self-artist and a poet. Tom says that art is what defines him and gives him joy. It is how he gets to create his own small world while still in this world. Deep. Right?

He has been drawing and painting since he was a young child and looking to become a freelance artist. Drawn to surreal art, his blog is a gallery of such. He has perfected the skill of paying attention to the details of his creations.

Here is his latest post... innocence. Check it out and share your thoughts!

You can also visit his Facebook Page to see more of work or to buy his art.


Do you have an artist that you find undervalued?

Is there anyone you think their work deserves a lot more?

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

If you suggest an artist we haven't mentioned before, you get a shout out when we highlight them plus a 100% vote from us. It's currently worth around 0.07.

Remember it has to be their ORIGINAL works to qualify.


Eye4art is a small team with an interest in shining a light on deserving underappreciated artists. You can support us by:

Supporting the artists we highlight | Using the #eye4art tag in your art posts |Join our curation trail | Visit our Discord Community | Delegate SP to us:

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Project founded by @erodedthoughts.



Another great choice at @eye4art; I love when it's someone new for me, like this one :)

Thanks for the share and introduction in my work!

Much welcome :)

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hello @eye4art has good information

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