Artist of the Day - Week 8, Day 1 @corinneiskorean

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HF20 Stability; Check!

Ready for Week 8; Check!

Hello Steemians! Our week 8 starts today... Are you ready? Let's dive in! You can always help us locate awesome artists to feature and get that 100% upvote and a shout out :)

We are still small and young but we intend on expanding as we give this community artists a platform to shine in every supportive post we put out.

What would life be without art? A dull, meaningless existence.

What would art be without life? An empty, white canvas.

This blog is here to bring you all these beautiful, imaginative creatures that use their skills to express themselves through their work.


Our Artist of the Day:


On our 1st of the 8th, meet Corinne from Los Angeles, California. She's Korean and Pisces who long fell for art. Animation and webcomics take up most of her artistic time when she's not doing what she calls regular art. She joined this community 10 months ago in search of learning and polishing her skills.

Currently working on a project she began this past January dubbed TIMLN (This Is My Life Now) and another one by Portal House. She sketches and blogs randomly also. Corrine is quite active on her feed and even around the community.

This is her latest post... Inktober-Day-1 ~ Poisonous. Check it out and share your thoughts!

You can visit her Webtoons which we should add has over 58K views. Her other social media platforms all lie under 'CorinneIsKorean' which makes it very easy for anyone to find her!


Do you have an artist that you find undervalued?

Is there anyone you think their work deserves a lot more?

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

If you suggest an artist we haven't mentioned before, you get a shout out when we highlight them plus a 100% vote from us. It's currently worth around 0.07.

Remember it has to be their ORIGINAL works to qualify.


Eye4art is a small team with an interest in shining a light on deserving underappreciated artists. You can support us by:

Supporting the artists we highlight | Using the #eye4art tag in your art posts |Join our curation trail | Visit our Discord Community | Delegate SP to us:

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thank you so much for the feature! If I may though, my name is actually spelled "Corinne" 1 r, 2 ns :) Would appreciate if the error was fixed so that people won't have any difficulty finding me! Thanks again!

We apologize for the error. Thank you for the correction :)

No problem! Thanks for fixing it, really appreciate it! <3

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