Artist of the Day - Week 7, Day 4 ~ @almarlene

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Hello there. Welcome to our 4th day of the 7th week as we unveil a new artist who deserves our spotlight and your attention. Ready to meet another awesome artist?

We are still small and young but we intend on expanding as we give this community artists a platform to shine in every supportive post we put out.

What would life be without art? A dull, meaningless existence.

What would art be without life? An empty, white canvas.

This blog is here to bring you all these beautiful, imaginative creatures that use their skills to express themselves through their work.


Our Artist of the Day:


On our 4th day, meet Marlene Wagenhofer from Linz, Austria. Her bio states she is a passionate photographer, artist, and designer. Add a travel enthusiast and the positive vibes on her two months old blog and you have a soul, searching for the beauty in everything.

Her work says something about her love for colorful things and natural beauty. From painting to sketches to nature and landscape photography, she does it all. Sometimes she even goes beyond just painting and creates a whole inspiring freewrite like this one... Let's get out of here little one.

Here is her latest creation, life in full bloom. Check out that watercolor painting and share your thoughts.

You can visit her website here and Instagram or buy her art at her red-bubble shop.


Do you have an artist that you find undervalued?

Is there anyone you think their work deserves a lot more?

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

If you suggest an artist we haven't mentioned before, you get a shout out when we highlight them plus a 100% vote from us. It's currently worth around 0.05.

Remember it has to be their ORIGINAL works to qualify.


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Thank you soo much for this wonderful article about me <3
I feel like you really understand what my art is about - which is more than I can say for myself sometimes ;-)

We love you and your work! Keep at it :)

Hey there @eye4art! Sorry I've been "out" again for a few days! Love this selection, as always!!

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