Sophia Loren. My sketchbook artwork

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Our whole life consists of fragments of memories, hobbies, acquired knowledge and impressions. They also shape us as individuals.

I grew up on old films. These were not comedies of the 80s or 90s, no. These were strange, melancholy films of the 40-60s.

Exciting westerns with a thirst for revenge, love dramas and the calculation of human passions, the conquest of big cities - all this I saw on the screen almost every evening.


My grandmother was very fond of old cinema, it was she who interested me in the world of amazing fantasies and impressions. There was no need for color, because despite the black and white pictures, the emotions and experiences of the main characters shone brighter than the color spectrum.


I decided to stay at Sophia Loren because my grandmother loved her very much. She said that she was a real woman, and all the films with her participation were filled with passion and loneliness, a very "female" feeling, very fragile and secret.


There was a fascinating time.


Do you like old movies?

Which actress of the past era would you like to see here next time?

Please write to me, because I can not choose someone specific)


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I like old movies, but not too old of a movie. If you could, I would like to have Michelle Pfeiffer next time.

Side note, can you do the walkthrough of your drawings? Like how do you start, which photo do you refers to? How do you outline the figure? How do you shade the object? How do you highlight the hair? And so on.

Don't forget to put a signature on the drawing to show prove of work. Cheers !tip !shop

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Very cool drawing. Thank you for sharing.

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