Mystical Gamayun. My sketchbook artwork

in #art6 months ago

Perhaps, ancient myths and legends are for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration.❤️

Today my choice fell on the old Russian legends, in which there are a lot of mystical and dark characters (everything as I like).

One of these characters is a huge bird with a female face, he is called Gamayun.


According to legend, she is the guide of the Gods and the herald of the dark world. She has a stern face and huge dark blue wings.

When Gamayun flies, a deadly storm comes behind her, her wings pulls the dark clouds.


Gamayun sings paradise songs and have most beautiful voice, attracting travelers and daredevils who are ready to hear in her words real prophecies about their life.

Gamayun knows everything about the origin of the earth and sky, gods and heroes, people and monsters, animals and birds.


According to ancient belief, the cry of the bird Gamayun portends happiness, but it is better not to meet her in a dark forest))

Would you listen to the singing of such an unusual bird?)


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She looks terrifying especially because of those her blured eyes.
Nice sketch from you.

Many thanks!)
I want achieved such a terrible effect) I'm glad that I did it)

Hi extractum-lunae,

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It looks like a dark character from a medieval story. It's something like a forest siren ... it's scary. Regards @extractum-lunae

Many thanks!)
yes, this character has a resemblance to a siren) the same feminine image and a voice stupefying with songs)) a little creepy

Excellent work, of that charming and mysterious goddess of Russian mythological culture, the contrast of shadows gives that very original approach, Good technique, a beautiful art. I congratulate you

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment!)

I love this it's so creepy :) I have included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Wow !! thank you so much) you inspire me to draw even more)

this is so well done, I love how you have depicted her I would love to know how she sounds x

Many thanks!)
You are very brave! not everyone would like to hear her voice)

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