Let's Collaborate!

in #artlast year

I've been crazy busy living the life at the @gardenofeden,
so involved in my daily inspirations.
But even with the fullness of my life,
I can say it's been very different without all my on-line friends since
I stopped posting on Steem months ago.
I am especially happy to be back here with my diverse group of artist friends
with whom I used to engage on the regs.

I've pulled out my markers and colored pencils for a moment's play.
Though it's not my best of works but instead just a little ditty,
it might be fun to see what you can make of it.


How about taking this piece of art and doing something to it to enhance it
and make it into something new.
Print it and work on it manually,
do something to it digitally,
write a poem about it,
turn it into a video,
superimpose it over a photograph...
whatever you heart desires...you get the idea.

I'm grateful to be back and kicking around some ideas again.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you'll leave me a comment,
and I'd be especially blessed by an altered piece of art from you.

💞 Shellie aka @everlove 💞


Nice mandala, I'm sure it will make a great template for whatever anyone wants to do

Seems people aren't really too active in engaging other's posts right now, but always willing to throw it out there just in case! Thanks for the comment @promisearts.

Nice idea of picking this work, adding something and recreating it.

Have created and facilitated the Collaborative Art Journey for several years on Steem with great success, enthusiasm and camaraderie between artists. For a couple of years I also was a major contributor with these collaborations to ArtAtSteemfest.

Check out some of them here:


Also an initiative for children's art:


Doing art together has its own challenges and brings us closer together. Thanks for stopping by @maswellmarcusart.

Wow! Those are amazing collabo. Definitely, there will always be challenges but the rewards supersedes.

I loved it when people were so engaged in the artists community, really supporting and giving their best. Amazing times!