Illustration of Crypto Princess on Steemit Community!

in art •  10 months ago 

Hello Dear Steemians 💜,

At 1st take my cordial love. In this post I want to tell about my new cryptoart for you. I have drawn it myself on my artpaper. In this drawing I have introduced a Pretty girl with Cryptocurrency.

In this drawing a Pretty girl was sitting and thinking about cryptocurrency. I added the ethereum logo on her hand. I think this is much prettier cryptoart from me.

Here's the Cryptoart :-


I added my picture along with my drawing :-


1st step


2nd Step


3rd Step




Thanks to @esteemapp to give us the best opportunity. I have so much improved on my art level by inspiration from Steemit Community. Stay blessed and Be happy with us.
Specially thanks to @hr1 @good-karma @esteemapp @banjo @mahmudulhassan @cleverbot

Thanks to everyone.



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You have talents keep it up

great art dear.