A great Illustration for a Anime Girl!

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Hey my dear steemit family❤

How are you all?❤ Hope that you all are good. I am also well. So today I am presenting one of my another drawing. I hope you guys will love this drawing too.

Meet with her she is Alex. She is a modern girl who love to do makeup and also love to wear modern ornaments. Mainly she love those ornaments which have sign of Bitcoins.

By this drawing I am trying to present the ornamental test of Alex. I think drawing is the way by which I can express my feeling very easily.

Drawing is the simplest and and most efficient means of communicating visual ideas. If one can draw then he can expose his word with his drawing without using a single word. By drawing it's possible.

Now I want to talk about Steemit. Because of Steemit now I can draw some good things.

I also want to tell about Slothicorn. I am really thankful to them.❤ They have supported me that's why today I am here. They also have reward me for my work which is the best part. They think about us that's why they reward us. I am really very very thankful to them. Because of them my confidence level have grown up. I think for an artist this is the best ever platform to work and to earn money. Cause the people of this platform really think about us that's why they give us the golden opportunity.❤

Here's the illustration of Alax.


Here I added my selfie with the art.


Thanks for supporting me. Without all of your support this was impossible for me. I really want to do hard work so that I can give you guys some amazing arts as gifts.

So please support me like this. Thanks to all of you. Love you guys.❤

thanks to @steemgigs @hr1 @banjo @cleverbot @esteemapp @good-karma


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