BABEL TZOMPANTLI (drawing) 2017

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Digital drawing using Krita.

Unfinished (?) Skull tower at oblivion desert. 

(Tzompantli: wall of skulls)




cool. i like how the computer can store so much information. you can keep zooming in!

Yes, that's a nice feature about digital art, but it is its own limits too... resolution. This is a massive one, I think I can print it wall size to keep all bricks, stairs and details.. Glad you liked it

ha, touche! limited by resolution... when real paintings or drawings can be zoomed in with a microscope into the atomic particles!

Exactly... analog media is still ultrahypermegaHD. But I think that at a certain level reality starts 'pixelating' or loosing resolution (part of 'life as a simulation' theory)

yeah but it breaks down into spheres instead of 2-d squares ;)

yep, into the roundness of orbits... and then again cosmos... and so on and so on

Nice piece! I'm currently working on a babel tower too. You've seen a little part, it was my second post here. And i had decided not to include a skull in the base. Your idea to replace arches with skulls is good.

Yes I've seen it. Babel is such a powerful concept, always been interested on it. Please let me know when you finish yours! Thanks for your comment, glad you liked it

OK, anyway i will publish progress of work here

Really cool drawing! Always liked the subject and you added an interesting new twist to it. Excellent work with the white highlighting!

Thanks! same with me, since I was a kid always liked the concept and paintings (specially the one by Brueghel) Glad you liked it!

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as in tower of babel?

same one! Thanks

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