'4' FRACTAL / GLITCH FROM INDIA (music video & process)

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An impossible lo-fi journey from dystopian landscapes to an intricate universe of ancestral sacred architecture.

Visuals by: eric erre, +vil


Un viaje imposible desde paisajes distópicos hacia un universo de intrincada arquitectura sagrada.

Visuales por: eric erre, +vil

concept art for '4'


“...to make a spatial experience out of his live act, like a musical theatre. That’s why I decided to use pseudo-architecture and ‘sacred-like’ monuments. I wanted to make some kind of an impossible landscape and navigate it. I tried to focus on Kalab’s musical concept of ‘Trimurti’, but translated into visuals: a golden pristine Brahma side referring to construction, a destructive dystopian ‘Shiva-glitchy side’, and the in-between, Vishnu the preserver, trying to keep monochromatic balance between both. I wanted to keep it dark and yet sacred. The unholiness of fractalised repetitions.”  -erre

Fragment of interview with Border Movement.


"...hacer una experiencia espacial de su acto en vivo, como un teatro musical. Por eso decidí usar pseudo-arquitectura y monumentos de aspecto "sagrado". Quise intentar un paisaje imposible y navegarlo. Traté de enfocarme en el concepto musical de Kalab acerca de la 'Trimurti', pero traducido a visuales: un dorado y prístino lado Brama, refiriendo a construcción, una parte destructivay distópica, 'Shiva', y el intermedio: 'Visnú' el preservador, tratando de mantener un balance monocromático entre ambas. Quise mantenerlo oscuro, pero sagrado. Lo impío de las repeticiones fractales." -erre

Fragmento de entrevista con Border Movement.

Watch KALAB '4' (fractal art & glitch - eric erre music video) video on DTube


Using strictly free software. Mandelbulber for the 3D fractal/navigation renders, Avidemux for the datamosh / glitch and Blender for the editing and post-processing.

Usando software libre. Mandelbulber para los fractales/navegación y renderización. Avidemux para el glitch / datamosh y Blender para la edición y postproducción.

Kalab + erre live at HAU. Berlin, 2016  | Kalab + erre en vivo en HAU. Berlín, 2016


NOLAND comes up with radical world music from India: Jaipur based producer KALAB debuts with „ANK“. 

'ANK‘ stands for numerics in Hindi. KAL-AB literally means The Future/Past is Now.


NOLAND presenta música radical desde India. El productor basado en Yaipur, Kalab, debuta con "ANK". 

'ANK' significa números en Hindi. KAL-AB significa literalmente EL futuro/Pasado es Ahora.

Title: Ank

Artist: Kalab

Label: Noland


Release Date: 04 Nov 2016

Format: Digital, Vinyl (tba)

Distribution: Morr Musik/Indigo

It follows a conceptual way of different timings, inspired by indian musical structures, as well as by contemporary electronic avantgarde and sound design.


Sigue de forma conceptual de diferentes tempo, inspirado en estructuras musicales indias, así como también electrónica de vanguardia y diseño sonoro.

Kalab, erre. Portraits by: Brenda Alamilla

About Noland:

Noland is an intercultural Berlin based operation held by Gebrüder Teichmann.


Acerca de Noland:

Noland es una operación basada en Berlín manejada por Gebrüder Teichmann.

"...Support those who explore and not those who stagnate. You will be rewarded in the end. Join them on their journey.“ - Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot)

"... Soporten a aquellos que exploran y no a los que se estancan. Al final serán recompensados. Únete a ellos en su jornada." - Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot)

This is the chapter I on the Aeuralasia trilogy (more info about this project soon)

Este es el capítulo I de la trilogía Aeuralasia (mas información acerca de este proyecto pronto)









I am totally lost when it comes to digital art. Don't get me wrong I enjoy looking at all the creations but when an artist explains how they do it I get lost big time.

Hi there. I feel the same way... I come from visual and plastic arts, so I approach my digital creation from drawing or painting. I am more worried in how it looks/feels than how the computer 'thinks' about it. This is the point where I do get lost... I am not a coder myself and I do feel that same way with Hyper-technological art. (Art involving hard-coding and electronics).

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