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I wanted to write a minute about syntax and the importance of symbolism in my work and my life. Life is weird. Let's face it, and there are symbols and signs everywhere pointing us in all directions. You can either be unconscious of what is happening, notice it and ignore it, or choose to respond to all of theses signs. The argument can be made that we are bombarded with so much information in a day that the brain only sees what it wants to see. Where does coincidence become magic and where do we draw the lines in the sand to prevent our own mental overload?


Are we being controlled by something else? The gamers of another world? God? Buddha? and are they trying to communicate with us through numbers and subliminal messaging? For example when I gamble I continuously see the numbers 666 coming up everywhere, as if to tell me that what I'm doing is beastly.

I incorporated my own hieroglyphic/sigil language in my art. People always ask me what the symbols mean, and the reality of it is I couldn't tell them, they are from my subconscious and only that deep down part of me that cannot speak knows the meaning of the symbols. I believe this is the true part of you, the part of you that doesn't speak English or French, but only knows the abstract. All thoughts and memories are stored in abstractions. Symbols for everything, in a world of infinite complexity.


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Nice thoughts, I think numerology and symbology? If that's a word, will be gaining more acceptance in the near future. !tip

Yeah, it is interesting to think about all of these subliminal designs and symbols running through our world :) Sigil language is a fascinating genre :D You should check out @in2itiveart blog, she does Sigil arts beautifully !

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