Save/As #001 : A Weekly Creative Boost from the Artists I Love

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When my creativity hits a wall, I look for inspiration in the work of the artists I love. For years, every time I see something that grabs my attention online, I right-click on the image and "Save As" into an ever-growing folder titled INSPIRATION. Now, as a means of keeping all of our creative juices flowing, I will randomly select ten images from my folder every week and share them here with you. I encourage you to follow the links to see more of each artist's work - there is always much more inspiration to be discovered!



Plug-in City | 1964
^ Archigram ^


Curtain | 2007
^ Daniel Arsham ^


Good Room | 2015
^ Bráulio Amado ^


Nine Bridges Country Club | 2009
^ Shigeru Ban Architects ^


Hill with a Hole | 1987-1990
^ Brodsky & Utkin ^


Coincidence Project | 2017
^ Denis Cherim ^


Cement Truck | 2013
^ Wim Delvoye ^


Trace-Container | 2016
^ Nendo ^


Mappa Mundi | 2017
^ Benjamin Sack ^


Commissioned painting | 2015
^ Cinta Vidal ^


To "Save" a file implies keeping it as you found it. To "Save As" is to change it, to re-make it, to find something new that wasn't there before. There is an important distinction between plagiarizing someone else's work, and using it to unlock something in your own mind. In this section I will use the above images to unlock my creativity and see what comes out.

Every week, I will challenge myself to fill an entire page of my sketchbook with stream-of-consciousness ideas inspired by the images above. I challenge you to do the same! Feel free to share your thoughts and sketches in the comments below! My sketches will be quick and messy, and mostly futile, but every once in a while I hope a new and exciting idea finds its way onto the page.

This week I was most inspired by the woven structure of Shigeru Ban's Nine Bridges Country Club. In my sketches, I attempted to used a similar weaving technique to create various pieces of furniture:


If there's an artist/architect/designer whose work you find particularly inspiring, feel free to share their work in the comments below for consideration in future posts. Please do not share your own work, only the work of people who inspire you. Thanks for reading Save/As!




Thanks for sharing this artists, some I know like Wim Delvoye (his pig's skin...), Nendo and Ban. But the more interesting is the others, great to discover other works...

Thanks @heroldius! I'm glad you discovered some new artists here.

I'm still viewing works of some artists of your list... But I really like the works by Archigram group, I didn't know anything about them but the mix of architecture and science fiction reminds the drawings of François Schuiten in some of his comics. And I appreciate this style...

Wow I've been scrolling through a bunch of his drawings, his work is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing, I wasn't familiar with him already. Will definitely include him sometime in a future post.

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