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Celebrating my 1,000th post with a challenge

In my [nearly] one year here on Steemit, this is yet my 1,000th post. I decided that I want it to be special -- meaningful, even -- but coming up with something truly worthy of everyone's eyes and ears has become decidedly difficult. So what better way to celebrate my 1,000th post here on Steemit other than challenging myself?

Everyone, welcome to my thirty-day-challenge. In this challenge, I will push myself to draw anime characters everyday for thirty days. The prompt began from quite an interesting story, actually.

Watching anime during office hours: the story

Some of you probably already know, but outside of Steemit, I am a young physicist, researcher, [noob] data scientist. Running my scripts can be rather tedious -- some take hours and, others, days. So I compensate by watching random videos from the internet.

I recently came across the anime Boku no Hero Academia and to say that I am smitten with it is quite the understatement. So last week, I spent every waking hour watching the anime. Even during office hours.

To my embarrassment, one of my bosses, Ms. J, caught me watching anime. She was trying to call my attention, which was focused on my phone where an episode was playing. She didn't reprimand me or anything (in fact, she even said that everyone from the team works really hard), which was a relief. I told my immediate supervisor, Sir J., about it (by complete accident -- I just couldn't keep my mouth shut).

"That's it? She caught you watching anime during office hours?" he asked, non-verbatim. "Weak. I play [computer games] during office hours."

Of course, this isn't to say that we don't work. It's just that I have the coolest bosses ever.

The challenge: Day 1

LRM_EXPORT_20180605_174935.jpgUraraka Ochako by Erang 06052018

The above pen drawing is Uraraka Ochako, one of the protagonists from the anime/manga, Boku no Hero Academia. While reading the manga, I came across this chapter cover (Chapter 99) that featured Uraraka, and I loved it!

It has been a while since I last drew anime, so went for it as soon as I arrived at work. (I love it at the office -- it's really cold and comfortable.)

About Uraraka Ochako

Uraraka has the Zero Gravity Quirk, which makes anything she touches with her fingertips float. She can also make herself float, but when she uses this power too much, she gets nauseous. At present, she trains hard so that she can user her Quirk for a long time without feeling bad.

I disliked her character at first. She is naive and clueless most of the time, and she looks weak. As the series progresses, though, I grew to like her, and soon I vouch for her during her battles in the anime and manga.

Drawing Uraraka

I used the following materials in drawing Uraraka:

  • half of a crosswise A4 bond paper
  • #2 pencil
  • 0.3 blue Pilot G-Tec pen
Surprisingly, it took me almost 4 hours of drawing despite having somewhere to copy. As soon as I finished, I edited the drawing on Adobe Lightroom CC. I converted the drawing to black-and-white and increased adjusted the levels and curves for a cleaner look. I'd probably do the same in the next drawings. Hopefully, I can keep up with the challenge.

Hand tremors

I suffer from a thyroid disorder (hyperthyroidism) and tremors in my hands and feet are nothing new to me. However, they were especially bad earlier. If you think some parts of the drawing looked shaky, then that's probably the case. It was so bad earlier that I couldn't hold my pen properly, and my feet felt tingly. Drawing somehow helped stabilize my hands, but still, it was so uncomfortable.

Got any advice for instances like this? Is there a way I can calm my hands and feet down ASAP? Haha.

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This is just freaking amazing! One of the coolest pictures of Uraraka. I've been watching boku no hero since last year and I gotta say, it's the most hypest show that I have ever seen.

I am hooked! It kinda reminds me of old anime like Law of Ueki and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I can't wait for the next episode in season 3. It was sooo good. 👊