Wire tiki

in art •  last year

Tiki number 1.

This adaptation of the Hei-tiki was the first in the series I have made. The technique was learnt as I went, having been shown images of other people's wire weaving and decided to have a go myself. It took a long while to make, made even longer by it being the first one and having to study my moves like a chessboard. They still take almost as long to make it seems.
The concentration and fiddlyness is quite taxing on the mind so I find myself stopping frequently and just doing work on them in bits. They take at least 40 or 50 hours of actual work to make, but those 50 hours may mean 2 weeks. In the later ones I have made a few heads first and then gone back when I feel replenished to make the bodies, sometimes a few or several months later.

wire tiki 1 2015.JPG

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Cool sculpture!! It's very detailed, nice work!

I'd like to see more of these.