How to create a successful brand, that generates a substantial income - Intro

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Moving an idea forward and supporting it, so that it can eventually support you, seeing your idea grow into something bigger than the initial concept is an exceptionally rewarding experience. Doing this might not be particularly for everyone, as it requires quite a significant input and a fair share of commitment along the way, however why not keep an open mind and give it a try if you have something to share with the world?


Contrary to the title - this post will probably not teach you much, let alone how to create a successful brand, yet I will begin a series of posts detailing how I am going to try this. Doesn't matter whether it fails or succeeds - this is a place where you can follow my attempt and hopefully learn something useful, so you are welcome to follow if at least something from what I am going to feature here sounds appealing to you.

Oh dear, I'm getting concerned, that this intro might be longer than expected, so if you are not really into reading all the details - you can simply scroll to the bottom of this post and check out what I am talking about via the Instagram I created so far.

I picked Steemit to run this blog vs all mainstream platforms because I believe the audience here is generally more interested in start-up ish things than anywhere else.

What I have so far:

  • A vague concept
  • A name
  • Proof of concept
  • Instagram profile (if that even matters)

A vague concept

Keeping it short - a clothing brand with a lean towards east-European aesthetic and the not so pretty things, which have their own charm. Might not be limited with clothing eventually, that's why its a vague concept after all.

A name


Proof of concept

Initially there wasn't any concept, just me thinking of random things, which you can call designs or art if I may. An idea pops into my head, I think "oh, that might be cool" and then forget about it in a week. Realizing I cannot recall any of my past cool (at least to me) ideas, I decided to take notes. Having a notepad of random thoughts, I found a few that might be "ok" as t-shirt (or any other clothing design) ideas. So I printed a few, which were received quite well by local people (not my mom or anything like that, genuine people that don't know anything about me, but just like the idea).

The part you were scrolling to

The next post will appear somewhere within a week to describe where I'm at right now and what did I do so far (not that much, really).
Here's a link you can follow to see what's it all about - IMSURROUNDEDBYSPIDERS

If you have a similar experience in your life please share it, I would be super grateful to hear about it. If you are at least a bit curious as to how things will progress if they will at all, do stay tuned.
I am absolutely open to communicate via any possible channel personally if you want to talk to me about anything, so let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again!

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