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in art •  10 months ago

Greetings to all my steemit friends!

-Steemit is a great platform for people from all around the world to interact with each other and also to use their talents to earn money and show it to the world.

Samar Hussain, who is a friend of mine, is an artist. You can follow her on facebook and instagram.

Facebook: Samar Hussain
Instagram: Sam_hus110

Today I wanted to promote her work so that more people can check it out.
So far, she has sold many of her paintings and her work is greatly appreciated by everyone who checked out her work.

I wanted to share two of her paintings today with my steemit friends as well because I know that steemit is a very helpful platform.



If you like any of these paintings, comment below and ask for the details because these paintings are also made to order.


-Have a nice weekend :)

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Definitely has some cool stuff going on in here. Nice!


Thanks a bunch @achristopherart! :) I really appreciate your support!

I keep staring at both her work :) Love the style ! Thanks for sharing this... she deserves lots of attention


Thankyou so much for those kind words! I really appreciate your support!
Feel free to resteem too :)

hello good friend drawing if you want you can go through my blog so you can see my drawings too I invite you .. you have a great talent ...


Thankyou @elvis22. I will definitely show your blogs to my friend who has made these. :)

Buen dibujo amigo, son muy bonitos! yo dibujo, pero no abstracto.