Northern Menagerie - Eloh Projects Digital Art Works(13 Detail Images and Process video)

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Northern Menagerie was originally commissioned by my good friend, Andrew Wasielewski. He gave me free reign and full control of the art with the solitary caveat that the image must translate to sublimated hoodies and t-shirts to be distributed by his company Wazshop at As I was born in the US and have been fascinated by Native North American traditions and legends since a young age, I was excited to be able to communicate this place within me. The image remains one of my favorites due to some major breakthroughs in my use of light and because of the 15 animals that it "boasts". I hope you enjoy.





Detail Cuts

Mother Spirit


Blue Copper Butterfly


Passion Flower and Tree Frog


Brown Bear


American Kestrel




Cotton Mouth and Dragonfly




Stallion and Squirrel


Bighorn Ram




Cougar and White Elk



Process Video

I captured the entire creative process behind Northern Menagerie and composed this speed lapse on the back end. The video is sped up over 100x and many segments of lesser significance have been edited out in order to time the video to the music. Suduaya gave me permission to use his "Shamanic Light" track and actually reached out to me to create his "Venus" Album Cover as a result. As always a majority of the work is done in Photoshop with some special effects painted in Corel Painter. In addition there are Groboto and Trapcode Tao renders incorporated. Enjoy:)


Use Cases

Upon completion of the image I transferred it to the clothing templates in Illustrator and off to print she went.

Sublimated Hoodies





Get a Ridiculously High Quality, Silky Smooth, Sublimated Hoodie here

Sublimated Shirts



Get a Lightweight, Sublimated T-Shirt here

Sublimated Tapestries


Get a Heavy Duty Sublimated Tapestry here


Thank you as always for your generous support and I do hope to interact with you in the comments.

I make my living as an artist so my family's livelihood depends upon my success. If you would ever like to discuss potential projects, provide feedback or just interact you may reach me at

And on the chance you feel the love and generosity and would like to make an investment in my career and my continued ability to contribute to the overall value of Steemit, I have provided my Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses below. Please do not feel obligated as I have no expectations. But anything and everything is massively appreciated.







Kind Regards,



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Wow. Such an amazing painting. There is so much going on there, and you balance it perfectly.

I kept being drawn back to the condor. I guess I was pulled to the designs on its face.

Thank you for showing the process.

That goes to show that you never know where you will land a commission.


The more I look at this the more I really appreciate it. The vibe produced by the opposing light and dark is further fueled for the color choice. The purple and copper that is in the top part adds a boldness that makes this a mighty spiritual force.

OMG Freakin amazing designs!!!!! Followed you on Youtube and am Re Steeming this now. Great work!!!!!


Thank you @thewayiseeit I appreciate your compliments and your follow:)

Wow..what a details..what software did you used @elohprojects ?


Thank you @journeyu I used Photoshop for a majority of it. But also Corel Painter and Groboto.

Nice, love all the light and love lol :)


Thanks for saying so Chris. Nice to hear from you.

Wow that's awesome! Love the dragonfly, they're sort of like "spirit animals" for me.


Thanks for saying so Adam. I appreciate the engagement mister:)


I should really cut down my list of people I'm following,I followed too many people at first and I often miss content I would prefer to see lol


Haha yes me too. Btw I will be hosting a Visionary Art Competition soon. I will be partnering with Slothicorn so there will be nice rewards. Keep an eye out. I’ll let you know too.

I love it!!!


Thanks for saying so Dennis.

Awesome work brotha!

The lighting in this is magical I am in awe ❤️


:) I am happy you like it Julia. Thank you for saying so.

Re-wathing this video and seeing the details of the picture I definitely can now affirm that my favourite of all these animals is the little frog. Just checking us out from up there, I find it pretty awesome!

We are still in Thailand, the adventure is definitely turning interesting at the moment. Flying to India on the 6th of April. Keep on the hard work dear, sending you some Thai love.


Thanks Aglae. I hope you guys are having a nice time.

So amazing sean. You are a perfectionist through and through.

I've loved your work since I first came across it. Really enjoyed the process video. Great post! Re-Steemed.


Thanks for your support @lucidlight. I appreciate you.

Brilliant, beautiful, amazing, luminous, enlightening...The level of details man..... wtf! You are for real bro.


Thanks @vachemorte That means a lot dude:)


Always nice to know that I am able to generate feedback like yours. It really is encouraging and I appreciate you.


I appreciate you as well brother, stay excellent!

Amazing work. I def want one of those hoodies. Still is awe of your talent. Upvoted and resteemed!


Thank you @slothicorn. Everything is better with you here:)

This is so f**ing awesome. First I thought these were the image generated by any software but these are hand painted, this really made my mind blown away. You are really super talented. Next time, use #artzone tag and get featured there.


Awesome @rocksg. Thank you for your compliments and the #artzone tag insight. Much appreciated.

great - I should have caught this sooner! upvoted, resteemed and shared here:
also going to share it on FB.


Thank you Otto. I will be hosting a Visionary Art Contest in partnership with Slothicorn soon. Could use your help getting the word out. Would love to see you enter also. Do you have an idea of a topic. I am thinking "Create an Alien Plant" or "Create a Hyperdimensional Object" or perhaps "Design a Divine Weapon". What do you think?


@elohprojects - Alien Plant sounds great - but it is up to you. There are quite a few of those floating around in the "Fernal Garden"
I hope I don't miss the contest - and your announcement of it. Best to let me know via email, just to be sure, then I can flog it everywhere, mail to:


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Absolutly fucking magnificent. Now this is a standard of digital art to aspire to. Resteeming late so perhaps tip her if you cannot get your votes in on time:). She is doing a great service showing her process here. A lot of work obviously went into it.


Thank you @twirble. Much appreciation. Not that it matters too much in the virtual space but I am a male:) This doesn't negate or reduce the importance or value of your compliments. Thank you so much.


Oh I am sorry; there is another artist that I at first thought was male and turned out to be female and I think I got you both confused, lol!


Heheheh. No problem.

🎉 Congratulations @elohprojects! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


Oh fantastic! Thank you so much.


Hehe yeah I realized later your post was very well beyond the 7 days or less post I curate but what gives, it's a really amazing artwork!


Haha. Thank you anyway. I appreciate the exposure:)

Love, love, love this work...

Your drawings are deep with details.

Total bliss in a hoodie? Imagine that.


Heheh. Thanks. I’m happy you appreciate it.