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Happiness is...

"Happiness is

knowing you live when you wake up.

It is to see the light of your mistakes,

in the mirror,

and smile about that.


It is to understand

that present is valuable,

and that's time to move forward.


It is to look with tenderness

at the adventure that's coming,

regardless of the gloom

or the dark nights that it implies to cross.

It is silencing fears;

is to overcome the challenges.

It is looking to the future as who is sure.


It is to take the hand

of the person you love,

and throw yourself at the chance

with her.


Is to look at the light of her eyes

and know that

you are admirable,






that make you feel special.


It is to understand

that our best moment

is here and now;


and that it is time to appreciate.


It is to look with tenderness

at the beloved person

when she knows you as her oppa saranghae,

admirable love


simply a reason

to wait.

It is to silence the world;

build together only a second,

in which

you can see the future

and appreciate the beauty

of what you have built


with this brief evening

relief from

the mouth

of the taciturn


"It's time to end the sad poems!"

Said Gata Cattana, my dream poet.

This poem, something old in my repertoire, is a breath inside the melancholy, romanticism and denunciation that usually accompany my lyrics.

All the photographs are totally original.

The model is Paola A. Barrios, Venezuelan, friend and huge heart.

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