Ode an Victor Vasarely, op_art - part I/V 4K! UHD

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Ode an Victor Vasarely I

3D animation - a visual tribute to Victor Vasarely and the op_art movement

music theme: Ecstasy X by Audionautix. (royality free track)

4K UHD High resolution

Animation created with Cinema4d and After Effects by @elgeko

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Great Elgeko Style - coooool man :-)


Thank you Yoogy. U are a master styler yourself :-))

Very cool! :)


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good music and video

That´s unique, a very authentic work because I can see a wide range of visual dynamic elements on it.

wow, that is a damn cool animation.

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woou great visual animation!!, i really wanna do something like that someday :)

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