My new painting "Picking Meadow Flowers"

in art •  last year

Hello dear friends! My new painting "Picking Meadow Flowers"

The size of the picture 49Х49

Mateal: colored pencils, pastel paper

 I want to give positive and happiness to everyone, and also to enjoy every little thing in life. I want to give magic to the color and recharge with positive energy 

 So, as drawing is my life, I draw naturally every day and spend from a couple of hours to 6-8 hours a day. But I must say that I paint pretty quickly, so for a permanent creation, you have to have a "generator of creative ideas." 

 Friends, thank you very much for visiting my blog. I was very pleased to see you and talk, more would be in the world of such kind and bright people as you. And then everything will be different, and everyone around will be happy.I wish you success and new achievements on Steemit! 

My channel to Youtube 

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I'm in SteemChat -  elenasteem 

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I love your work @elenasteem, so much that I even mentioned you and your post in my recent art post, which is not as good as yours of course, but I still tried.

Feel free to check it out here.
Keep up the good work :)

Nice artwork. I love it. The strokes add more beautification of it. Worth it to give an upvote. I will follow you for more of your entries and arts. Looking forward to see it.


Thank you very much for your comment! I am very pleased! I will gladly share a new drawing with you today

I love ur art....😍😍😍😍😍😍

Hiii......if u seen my posts and like it plsssssss follow and vote me....thanx n have a gud tym

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Such a great painting! I laughed with happiness at seeing the little squirrel along with his hat and wagon. I believe your painting belongs in most everyone's home since it brightens up anyone's mood. We need more of these things in the world.


many thanks!I'm glad that you like it!


Absolutely! :)

awesome! :D so cute haha

I want to learn to paint with you. can you teach me


at a distance is very difficult to teach. but I sometimes manage the drawing process.


I really want to study with you

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Really uplifting. And I really like the style, it is very unique . Thanks


thank you!

This work gives so nice feeling!
Follow from @dunsky


many thanks!

very beautiful!!!


Thank you!

wow stunning, not quite as good as my paws painting but super awesome for a human! <3


thank you!


thank you!<3

Beautiful ! Upvoted.


many thanks! :)


thank you!

it really does give positivity and happiness to the viewer. Thank you 👏


:) Thank you!

Super cute. Love the innocence in the composition. Upvoted :)
I too am an artist. I would be happy to have you visit my my blog .


Thank you! ok


you are most welcome @elenasteem

Nice ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Amazing creation with just colour pencils 😲 Had I known, I would have taken colour pencils seriously! 👏


many thanks!!!

So beautiful! @elenasteem 😊.


Many thanks!

Beautiful painting


Its so light and cheerful! Thanks for sharing ❤️

So beautiful guys
Good post
You have good talent


thank you!

Excelent in

I too paint or draw everyday. I find it's important to keep doing to keep growing as an artist. Also adorable art piece. I use animals quiet frequently in my work as well.

So beautiful and sweet... great...

Hi elena, I doubt there was need to flag me. I apologize for being in the wrong. I simply was trying to acknowledge the talent in art which constituted much of your work here and perhaps, I was in a hurry but I had loving intentions. It just like if I said @originalworks to acknowledge your work


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You do beautiful work! I too love working with pastels. Your style is truly unique. I can't wait to see more by you.