Moon wanderer and xenysh. My new digital art

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Hello my dear friends! I want to share with you a new drawing, which I like even. I always find shortcomings in my work, very harsh with myself. But this time I'm happy with my work - "Moon wanderer and xenysh"

I drew a "character" from the Worlds of the created.

God is recognized as an immortal, all-powerful being, the creator of the universe. However, he did not create life (it is impossible to do something, the essence of which you can not understand). Life appeared as a side effect of the existence of the universe, and the effect is undesirable. God created the universe again and again to get rid of mortal imperfection, but life still appeared in every new version of the world. When God once again wanted to destroy all being, one of the angels rebelled against him. He knew life and death after visiting the mortal body, and saw that life is more beautiful than the icy cosmos and the fiery stars. Taking the form of a ten-horned lion, the angel challenged God, but he lost (for it is impossible to defeat the immortal).

God cursed the angel: "This is the last world to which I give existence, and it will exist as long as you twist the wheel of life and death (the wheel of Samsara)." If the beast stops, the universe will disappear with all living beings. Not understanding the meaning of love and hatred, the Creator of the Universe waited for the angel to leave the wheel. But the Decapital was fueled by the power of love for the living and the mortal, and the power of hatred for the non-living immortal. Then God made the appearance of the angel disgusting, so that the living rejected the material world, the "wheel of suffering" and, thus, destroyed themselves.

It is not known whether the beast remembers why the wheel rotates, or if only the blind power of love is left, bare to the bone, looking through half-decayed flesh. This disgustingly seemingly but sincere love confuses those who could see the real picture of being. And they seek salvation in "love" false and hypocritical. Seek immortality to forget about what makes them alive.

This concept played a huge role in the formation of ethics of Haines. The confrontation of the immortal and the living was for them much more understandable and natural than the confrontation of light and darkness. Immortality is hostile to life and unnatural: therefore the Hainas did not seek personal immortality and were very cautious in assessing the very phenomenon of mortality. Taking away from life even the potential to die means to deprive life of its main difference from dead matter.

The image is unequivocally very strong and the concept of goodness is that good is not an angel with a beautiful face

The image is unequivocally very strong and the concept of goodness is that good is not an angel with a beautiful face, but a half-corpulent being full of love that stubbornly twists the wheel in the name of life ... The stereotyped thinking collapses - that kindness is beauty, and ugliness and decay - evil. The world in fact a difficult thing ... Perhaps kindness in many ways is love and sacrifice. And the myth itself is close to me - about how life appeared, the place of death in the world and about what makes us alive - it is death, for indeed stones do not die - they are immortal ... And as for someone else - it is here as a touch of another world ....


Moon wanderer and xenysh

"Lunar Wanderer and Xenomorph" SAI


In the center of the wheel of Samsara

Daemon. Grivasty. Stripping his claws

Life is a circle. Once was young. Once glossy wool. In the eyes of the sun daring. Beauty of youth. Once told God

In the face, laughing, mocking: "Life is better than you, immortal. Life is stronger than you, pathetic. Life is higher. " Who does not know the answer? About vanity and dust. About transitory earthly. Life will lose Eternity. The gods are vindictive. Once he was banished from the sky. Thrown into the circles of being.

"The dust that loved the dust will dissipate" - After the curse. And the first time

He touched the wheels of Samsara. And I could not stop

Knowing if ... Life will stop. Once upon a Time

Force rolled under the skin. There seemed to be a circle

It's easier than the ringing wind. Thousands years

Bloom in the fields of grass. Cats bring kittens. People give birth to people. The wheel of Samsara is turning. Once upon a Time

There seemed to be a circle

It is easier than morning dew. Now - The mountains are heavier. No rest. No peace. Do not throw the yoke off your shoulders. Knows - if

The wheel stops - Life will not, Victory will be given to Eternity. He knows - once

Forces will end. The gods will win. Do not Look

in the center of the hellish wheel. Under the claws torn off

The blood has long dried up. On the edges, time-honored, Black skin hangs. In the eyes of the whitened

Glass pain of insanity. It is full, whether still remembers, Why does the wheel of Samsara rotate?

Do not Look

In the blackness under his ribs. Do not see the beautiful

Exalted suffering - Abomination and decay, The meal is spitting. There is no love more repulsive, You can not stand it - you turn away, Disgusting the soul and body ... So the gods win

In the beautiful image of Eternity. But still... Thousands years

Bloom in the fields of grass. Cats bring kittens. People give birth to people. The wheel of Samsara is turning. And how many more forces

In the feet of the half-decayed

Turning the wheel of Samsara? 

author of the poem Evgeny Hontor

Guys, watch the video process:

Friends, thank you very much for visiting my blog. I was very pleased to see you and talk, more would be in the world of such kind and bright people as you. And then everything will be different, and everyone around will be happy.I wish you success and new achievements on Steemit!   


You are very talented, I congratulate you, I thought the design of the lion was very creative, I would like to know which program you used?

Hello thank you very much .
So here's PaintTool SAI

Wow. such a blue picture, happy :) you are a great fellow
you wrote so much text, I was interested in reading, history. I agree with you - good not only in the small and sweet. perfectly!

thank you friend! Yes, I described that you could understand what kind of characters :)

Wonderful art

thank you friend!

Helps me

I´m in love with your mythical creature. Beautiful painting and colors.

Beautiful art

this is beautiful art!

Full of soul and beauty! I really like it!

Outstanding work my friend !

This is really great effort, in both the art and putting this blog together with the back story of the character and the whole process of it.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation.