WTF - how do you do that ?!

in #art4 years ago

Hello friends!

Count it the cry of the soul! As you already know, I have a graphics tablet and now I decided to try to draw some funny illustration. But, everything turned out to be much more complicated than I thought ... After several hours of work, I got this evil girl. You can say this is my self-portrait, because I was also indignant when I painted it.
And now, I want to ask people who draw well ... How do you do this? How do you draw? Watching video lessons or pictures it seems so easy, but in fact everything is completely different. Of course, I know the answer to my question, that everything comes with experience. Probably no one artist immediately received good results. But we will not dissemble, everyone dreamed of this. Of course I will try to improve my talent, I think I have it. And together we will watch how my works change.
I want to add colors to my illustration that I'm not very good at. That she had smooth contours and harmonious colors. If I succeed, then the next post will be about how I added colors.


I hope you liked the post!
See you soon!

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