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Hello friends!

Today there will be no color illustrations, but simply sketches in pencil. And the fact is that I decided to improve my knowledge and skills in drawing. My husband found some wonderful video courses on drawing. Can someone of you understand what kind of course, seeing the drawings. The courses really helped me a lot, I had a bad time with staging shadows, drawing a human face, hands, eyes. In general knowledge needed to be improved. At the beginning of the training, there were not too difficult tasks, although no, I'm deceiving you, in the second or third lesson, there was a drawing of the human eye. When I saw how the author draws, so quickly and easily, but in the end it turned out a beautiful eye, I thought that in my life I could not repeat this. But, I could, surprising myself, I coped with this task.

IMG_20180723_163100 (1).jpg

There were several lessons about how the shadow falls properly in natural conditions. The author painted landscapes and showed how the shadow should fall from trees, mountains, how the mountains in the water should reflect. These lessons turned out well for me. Probably because nature does not require the drawing of exact lines.


Then there was training on simple geometric figures. How correctly should the shadow fall if the light source is for example top left or just centered at the top. After simple figures, more complex objects, fruits followed. Drawing an apple, I thought that it would not be quite similar to the author's drawing. It was necessary to place correctly glare and shadows on the apple, the shadow under it was given to me easily. Then there was drawing still life, after watching this lesson, I got a fear. It was necessary to depict the texture of the fabric on which the bananas lie. I was close to completing the work and by the end it became clear that it was getting good.


Next, the author taught the perspective. I will not say that these lessons were easy for me. I like it more when you manage the pencil and lines. In perspective, on the contrary, she and the lines control the pencil. But without this knowledge, the artist is nowhere. I can honestly say that I tried.




After the prospects, there were several lessons, where it was shown that you can easily draw a parrot on the grid. And then when I looked at these lessons, and then I drew a parrot in this technique, I was to put it mildly in shock. Could I have thought that a few weeks ago I could have drawn such a parrot ?! Absolutely not!


Then the parts of the human face followed. It was not easy to draw lips. For some reason, it was difficult for me to draw them, that they would look natural. And to be honest, I'm not very happy with the result. Over the nose and ears, too, had to suffer and try.

IMG_20180813_140638 (1).jpg

Next was the construction of the body and face according to geometric figures. It turns out very easily. Of course you need to draw this several times and different poses, to understand the principle. I'll show you only two drawings, the rest at another time.


I hope you liked my post!

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