My new illustration is "Summer mood"!

in #art4 years ago

Hello friends!

In the street it became very warm and my summer mood begins to appear. Hot days, sun, flowers, various fruits and berries, rest - all this is connected with the summer. And I thought, why not draw one of my favorite berries in a naughty nice, cheerful kind. I like such drawings, where fruits are drawn by eyes, handles, legs. I also decided to try something like that. Thinking of how to draw it, I was offered the idea to make her a curl of whipped cream on top. I really liked this thought, I decided to add a balonchik with whipped cream. I painted in Adobe Photoshop with dry brushes, because I still get not very smooth contours, about two days with interruptions, tried to work out shadows and glare. I think I got a nice strawberry.

I want to try my next drawing in the graphic editor Krita. More experienced illustrators speak well about this program and I thought that it would not be bad to know anything else than Photoshop. In the next post I'll tell you how I worked in Krita, and I'm most interested to know how much strongly it differs from Photoshop. Maybe I'll continue the topic of berries and fruits, or maybe not)

See you when there will be a new illustration.
I hope you liked my post!


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