My drawing in Adobe Illustrator!

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Hello friends!
In the previous post I showed you my first job on a graphic tablet. In this post I want to share with you another drawing technique, the so-called "quick drawing". I used to do my past drawing with the Brush tool in the Adobe Photoshop graphics editor, I created my second drawing in Adobe Illustrator with the Pen tool. Looking through the video lessons on drawing, I found an interesting video showing how to draw in this technique. This technique is not very difficult and for this is ideal for beginners. I decided to try too, all the same I need practice for good results. I really liked the result of the work, I hope you will like it too. Now I will show how to create this illustration in stages ...

First of all, I chose the picture I liked, this was a flatlay picture. I like the photo in this style.

Then I began to outline the outline of the picture in black, the black color gives clarity to the objects.


After drawing all the objects I need, I started doing the main color.



When the main color is already there, you can start small details and shadows. The shadows attach volume, without them the illustration will appear flat.


I hope you enjoyed my work. I will continue to share with you my training.


very cute illustration 😌😍

Nicely done! You are very talented.

Thank you! I will continue to improve!


Sorry, but I did not really understand your comment) There were difficulties with the translation (((

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