"Juicy art"

in #art4 years ago

Hello friends!
Soon, summer, literally left two days. Outside, it's already hot and I want something refreshing. In the open spaces of the Internet in free access I found a cool photo of a girl with lime in her mouth. And this photo inspired me to create my own illustration. The style is the same, only this time I made the colors bright, summer and juicy. Looking at the drawing I'm attracted to it all! And plump to indecency lips, lime in the mouth, a finger that pulls the swimsuit from his chest. As always in the illustrations, I show the beauty of the female body. In the future I want to draw different parts of the body in more detail. And the name of the lips, chest, ass, that would make the illustration even more sensual and inviting, maybe even provocative. Let's see what the mood will be the following figure.


I hope you liked the post and my illustration!
See you!

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