I did it! Illustration in Adobe Photoshop!

in #art4 years ago

Hello my friends!

If you have read and seen my past post, then you know that I have some difficulties in drawing. I could not decorate my picture and make smooth outlines. The final result is also far from ideal, but I still think there is progress. I promised you that I will keep you informed of my training, so that you can evaluate my progress.
I painted a girl in Adobe Photoshop with a brush from the folder "dry brush". It was convenient for me to draw with this brush, because the edges of the strokes are uneven and they hide my drawbacks. I like drawing in this style, but I'm probably still looking for my style. I want that my illustrations were fun, vital, maybe even evil or sad, like this girl. What would they reflect such emotions that we are experiencing during the day, and I will work on this.

See you soon! I hope you liked the post and see you when there is a new illustration!
P.S. I never thought of a name for this girl, maybe you can help me?



She looks very frazzled!
Nice work :)

Thank you! I looked the same when I was drawing!)))

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