Art - "Waiting for the summer!"

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Hello friends!

Today I want to share with you my new illustration. In style, it looks like a previous one, only this time I made the colors brighter. Work on it took longer than the last riunok. And if I'm honestly not yet given the rendering of shadows, the glare is more understandable. I need to watch more video lessons and read literature, and of course more practice. Of course, the author must be self-critical, but not severely. For example, I want to pick up a pen and that would immediately be a masterpiece. So of course it does not happen ...
Even in this work I wanted to draw hair. I thought it would be fast, but it turned out that the drawing of hair took me probably half the time, and maybe more. This is the second option by the way, the first one was deleted. Also here I added a part of the face, lips and a little nose. I liked to draw lips, quickly and beautifully. I wanted to make them plump and ajar, I think I achieved this effect. I used to draw in Adobe Illustrator a pen tool like the previous one. I want to continue drawing in this style, I have many ideas and they are all related to the beauty of the female body.


I hope you liked the post and my illustration!
See you!

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